Our 2018 Film Reel.

For more than 2 years a group of women called the Calutron Girls went to work in Oak Ridge TN with only the information that they were helping to end WWII. Sitting in front of large machines they worked until the day the bomb was dropped and found out that they had a part in it.

In an isolated part of the Washington desert, The Manhattan Project B reactor created the Plutonium that would be used in the Atomic Bomb. The people that worked there had pride in their work.


The Pacific Fisher was hunted to extinction in the state of Washington almost 100 years ago. In this video we follow scientists, communities, and conservation groups as they come together to bring this charismatic carnivore back to the state.

Eight teenagers from around the United States backpack along the coastal wilderness of Olympic National Park for two weeks. Their mission: Collect as much marine debris as possible to clean up the wild beaches and inspire other visitors. Their story is one of partnership, stewardship, personal discovery, and effective volunteerism.

This visitor center interpretive film was made for Alaska's Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. The goal was to showcase the incredible beauty of the park while subtly teaching visitors how to safely observe these wild animals.

On the Cumberland Plateau of northeastern Tennessee exists a place of wild beauty. In the spring, soft rains bring the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area to bloom. In summer, the park echoes with the calls of wildlife, and, at night, the place even glows in the dark. Fall brings an explosion of color under autumn skies, while snowy trails provide quiet solitude in winter. Across four seasons, Generations follows visitors and locals as they explore the rich history and ecology of the Big South Fork's sprawling 125,000 acres, showing that you’re never too young or old to set off on an adventure.

Chicago got its first legitimate climbing gym and we made their launch video. Welcome to the hood, First Ascent!

We traded this short video for a stay in this amazing vacation home in Telluride, Colorado. Gotta love a good trade. 

The Obed Wild & Scenic River connects visitors with spectacular scenery, rushing rapids, and world-famous climbing cliffs in a park that has remained untouched for centuries. Discover the park through the eyes of the hikers, paddlers, fishermen, scientists, climbers, and admirers who seek out experiences only found in pristine wilderness. This film takes an unconventional, artistic and breathtakingly intimate look into the heart of a park whose beauty is inseparably linked to its remoteness.

Coastal ecologist Dr. Steve Fradkin is a National Park Service scientist who spends his days in the intertidal zone of Olympic National Park. There, a spectacular diversity of plants and animals interact to form a living, breathing ecosystem that is an especially sensitive indicator of environmental health. Climate change is taking its toll on this fragile ecosystem, but Fradkin and his team are monitoring the changes and raising awareness of what we can all do to help.

The annual "Haunting in the Hills" Storytelling Festival in Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area is a fun-filled day of stories, music, and crafts. This was a 60-second promo spot for the festival's 22nd annual event.

Geologist Dr. Jon Riedel monitors glaciers for the National Park Service at North Cascades National Park. Keepers of the Beat follows Riedel as he studies glaciers and their vulnerability to climate change -- research that has a global impact.

Frank Morgan was owner and operator of Q7 Grass Fed Beef until he passed away in 2012. We made this short film as a promotional piece for the ranch, but Frank's participation made it so much more.